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Finance Director, Project Management Consultancy, London

Working with our company, on many occasions Jeanette’s empathy, emotional intelligence, clarity of thought and communication skills have resulted in areas of conflict being well managed and quickly resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. We have found Jeanette’s skills to be hugely valuable to the business and we would highly recommend her to other businesses that require support with managing areas of potential conflict.

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President of ICPMA, London

I worked with Jeanette for 15 years and over this time I have asked for her valuable advice several times.  As well as general HR advice she has also provided advice regarding various matters affecting work-life balance and contracts.  I am happy to say that Jeanette’s advice has always been well thought through and balanced, considering both the employer and employee position.  

Jeanette’s communication skills allow her to work with individuals to understand the issues at hand and help them develop options over how to proceed.  This empowers individuals to make well informed decisions and take ownership of them.  Jeanette is always approachable, friendly and motivated as well as highly professional.

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Company Director, Chartered Accountants, Hertfordshire

Jeanette reassured me from the beginning with her calm and professional approach to the situation and then supported me all the way through the investigation process, right to the end.  Having her by my side not only was I 100% sure that everything I was doing was right in terms of employment procedures and law, but also enabled me and the member of staff to reconcile the issue and move forward.

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