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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation: Services

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is a way of trying to resolve workplace relationships that have broken down.  If this happens employers, or individuals may consider mediation as a positive step towards finding a way forward to a better working relationship.  Choosing mediation can avoid the time and costs associated with managing more formal processes such as investigations or litigation.

When two or more people or groups are in conflict about an aspect of their working relationship, a mediator acts as a completely impartial person, to help both parties create practical solutions and reach an agreement to help them move forward. 

Mediation can be a quick and cost-effective way of to resolve:

  • communication problems

  • personality clashes

  • relationship breakdown, perhaps following a disciplinary or grievance

  • allegations of bullying and harassment or discrimination

Mediation is a voluntary process and is completely confidential.  It is flexible because it allows parties to explore a variety of solutions to help them reach an agreement, which they create and are able to take ownership for.

Worsmart HR mediation displays the highest levels of integrity and is compliant with professional codes of practice.  It understands that for some people, mediation is an unknown.  Our open, friendly approach aims to place people at ease during the process.  Where it will be beneficial, we can offer support to employees prior to mediation, so they know what to expect.

Benefits of Workplace Mediation

By improving communication between people in conflict, Worksmart HR mediation will facilitate discussions to assist with the creation of solutions both parties agree to which will help them move forward.  It allows them both to have control over what is agreed.

There are many benefits to mediation, for example, it can:

  • be used at any stage in the employment relationship

  • avoid more formal processes such as investigations and employment tribunals

  • prevent grievances being raised

  • retain valuable employees

  • reduce stress and tension

  • demonstrate a commitment by the employer and individuals to resolve the matter and move forward positively

Workplace Mediation Process

If you are considering mediation, it is most likely that the parties in conflict have been unable to resolve their differences informally.  

Depending on the nature of the conflict, a mediator will work with the parties for up to half a day or a day.   You can decide where the mediation should be held; this may be in the workplace, or at an appropriate external venue.  

Everyone present at the mediation will be asked to agree to a mediation agreement, which deals with matters such as confidentiality.

Prior to the mediation day, the mediator may contact each party to ask them to write down a short summary of what has taken place and what they would like the mediator to assist them.

On the day of the mediation the mediator will initially meet with each party separately to allow them to tell their story to the mediator and what they want from the mediation.

Following the initial meeting the mediator may recommend bringing the parties together for a joint meeting and will facilitate a conversation to help you agree solutions to the dispute.  Sometimes a joint meeting may not always be appropriate and would only take place when both parties agree. 

The mediator will keep all information discussed with each person confidential and will only share information if consent is given for them to do so.

Once an agreement is reached, the mediator will recommend you record the agreement to ensure you are clear about the way forward.  The agreement is confidential between the parties and anyone they consent to sharing it with.

In the event an agreement isn't reached nothing said in the mediation can be used in any future procedures and the details of the mediation must be kept confidential.

All our mediators offer access to a complaints procedure if needed.


Pricing includes, pre-mediation preparation and reading, reasonable travel costs within the UK mainland and disbursements. 

Pricing excludes room hire.

One day mediation - 10.00am - 5.00pm  - £1,250 

Half day mediation 10.00am - 1.30pm - £750

In the event it is agreed extra time is required to complete the mediation, an hourly rate of £200 will apply.

Costs may be shared by the participants.

Full payment is required 7 days prior to the mediation taking place.

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